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About Us

In this broader space lots of many stars are twinkling but DAVID’S CAREER HUB is one of the pole stars which is considered the most glittering one, not only providing light but also providing correct direction to all aspirants who are willing to face competitive examination and have the positive assumption to reach on the zenith.

The journey starts with its glorious and grand opening in year 2004 that time people of Dhanbad did not know how to prepare for competitive exams and it was a far cry and not the cup of tea for those aspirants who were compelled to live in Dhanbad. People had a cock and bull opinion that without going any big city or other state it was not possible to get desired result in competitive exams. students who used to prepare from Dhanbad, used to be considered a small fry. Right that time DAVID’S CAREER HUB appeared as the ray of light of early dawn to remove this obscure and to break the delusion. It brought the waves of joy, happiness and excitement throughout the town and became the prior most choice of candidates.DAVID’S CAREER HUB changed the mentality of entire town (Dhanbad a small town but economical Importance in Jharkhand state.)

The journey of the development of DAVID’S CAREER HUB is an unique example of struggle, hard-work, endeavor, vision, zeal, passion and dedication which applied to create a history. It went through many ups and downs but stood with determination as a rock of zibralta.

The slogan of DAVID’S CAREER HUB that means zero to zenith, have not to have or we can say can not to can sings the ceremony of the great endeavour of the Institution. As all know that the strongest structure of the universe is the tetrahedral structure that is constructed by trangles having three sides. Just like that DAVID’S CAREER HUB has also been established on three strong pillors in the form of its three directors who teach several subjects. DAVID’S CAREER HUB is not only an Institute even it’s a family where promising youths are trained and provoked with high level training give by some Incredible, talented, experienced and exceptionally Intelligent faculty members of all subjects. The magic of study, The mystery of tricks and the glamour of quality teaching with practical examples make studies eye catching. Time to time Institution provide the facility of speed test, weakly test, Monthly grand test, concept test, Seminars, doubt classes and Interviews with successful candidates so that brushers could learn in better way that how to prepare and what should be the right path to follow.

Many students from DAVID’S CAREER HUB have hosted the flag of success in different fields as J.P.S.C. Railway., S.S.C, Bank (P.O)/Clerk, M.B.A., M.C.A., Polytechnic, Spoken English literature and many more. In the duration of 10 years. DAVID’S CAREER HUB has presented and projected a lots of results and has become the synonym of success. Not only in Dhanbad but also in entire state. it is named with great respect and regards. Students from near by town like bokaro,asansol,chitranjan,baraker,koderma,parasnath and many more….. come to be the part of the team of success. Institution is also playing a very vital role for the upbringing of poor students. DAVID’S CAREER HUB provides scholarship scheme which gives The benefit to poor students and many Intelligent students are taking advantage too. For weak students there is the provision of extra classes and doubt classes. Recovery classes are also provided to students.

DAVID’S CAREER HUB is marching neck to neck with modern examination system with the aim to provide Inspiration to the young generation for leading career goals in competition so that they could Invest their time, energy and labour in constructive way to harvest a better future as a leading personality of their fields in a simple and lucid manner. DAVID’S CAREER HUB has taken the oath not to become a burden but to become burden reducer.